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Destination Occupation creates “authentic story-telling” career exploration and recruiting videos to educate about and attract people into the perfect career path.
"If you can’t SEE it, you can’t BE it."

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What is Destination Occupation?

Rachel Knight, Founder

Rachel Knight, Founder

Destination Occupation takes a complex problem (making a career choice) and solves it in a concrete way. We create relevant and relatable videos using “authentic story telling” to educate about and attract people into career paths that are a good fit for them. Video is the perfect way to communicate complex content in a clear and concise way because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the speed of text!

Employers featured on our site are able to tell their employees stories and educate people about who they are, what they do and why a career path to their company is desirable.

Educators and job coaches use our videos and resources to help people make better informed career and education choices. Our videos and associated resources connect students and job seekers to education and career planning resources. Teachers can earn Professional Development contact hours towards re-certification simply by learning how to use the Destination Occupation website, videos, lesson plan templates and resources.

Everyone is busy and, for that reason, career exploration videos are an efficient use of time.  In under 2 hours, students and job seekers can visit over a dozen Maine companies and learn about dozens of different careers. The videos feature stories from real Maine people talking about their job and the skills, interests and personalities that make each job a unique fit. Our videos feature dynamic employers who are hiring for jobs that are in high demand all over Maine.


Who Do We Help?

Whether you are an EMPLOYER looking to educate your workforce, or an EDUCATOR/JOB COACH helping people explore options or a STUDENT/JOB SEEKER trying to find where you fit in, Destination Occupation is THE resource for you!

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Check it out! Destination Occupation was featured on NBC’s #startMEup series.


Are you struggling to find qualified people? Are you looking for a competitive advantage? If so, Destination Occupation is THE resource for you! Employers looking to educate their workforce about careers they offer can be featured on our site, connecting you directly to students and job seekers.


Educators can integrate our videos and lesson plan templates into their school’s career exploration classes. Job coaches can use our videos and resources to help their clients understand their options. Having options helps everyone make better informed decisions.


For students and job seekers, the path ahead isn’t always clear and the choices can be overwhelming. Destination Occupation can help you sort through options and explore career paths that match your skills, interests, and personalities. Anyone can use our videos and tools to create their own career exploration experience.

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Our Partners in Career Exploration

Our Partners in Employment & Education

What People Are Saying About Us

"At Hancock Lumber, we are always looking for innovative ways to reach out to our workforce. We believe in attracting motivated people to come work for us. When I learned about Destination Occupation and it’s new, creative way to educate people about jobs in Maine, I knew we should be involved. The video and our company page on the website exceeded our expectations. Any company interested in reaching out to their workforce in a new, creative way should check out Destination Occupation."

—Kevin Hancock, President Hancock Lumber

"Maine Medical Center’s Department of Vocational Services has been providing a summer employment program for teens with disabilities for more than 30 years. Rachel Knight, Principal of Destination Occupation assisted our department in a video which highlighted students and job coaches in our Summer Teen Employment Program. This video has made all the difference in our ability to easily market and explain our program to others. Rachel is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is creative, professional and put our video together in a day and a half. We are thrilled to have the video on our website and have sent it to parents, teachers, rehabilitation providers, potential funders and employers. Hiring Rachel Knight and her team was one of the BEST decisions we made! Thank you, Rachel!"

—Christine A. McKenzie, Director of Department of Vocational Services

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed checking out Destination Occupation. I have been using your lessons with my 7th and 8th grade JMG students and I love the format of your website/videos. I love how you show the varying levels of education, skills, and resources ­ all well represented and easily accessible. The career resources are a great tool for providing additional information and direction. For my middle school kids these resources are an effective way to reinforce information presented in the video. For older students and job seekers I can see how the information and resources would be that much more valuable by providing concrete direction. And I love that you note learning styles in the employee profiles!"

—Carolyn Collins, Pittsfield, Maine

"First of all, the videos gave me all the information I needed to know about Modula. How is it working there, the atmosphere, what does the company do etc. Thanks to the video I believe I will make a good fit. I just graduated and I am looking to start a career. I would like to work for a small company with the opportunity to grow within it and make my way up. As one person said on the video, "you learn something new every day" and I think Modula will be a great place to challenge myself and keep learning."

—Jean Pierre, Job Seeker

"It helps to see someone doing something they like and enjoy. I have different interests but I do like working hands on. Learning this story shows me I can do what I want."


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