Welcome to Destination Occupation! I am Rachel Knight and I created Destination Occupation to help educate students and job seekers about awesome careers that we have right here in Maine! I believe that education, whether it is learning your three R’s (reading, writing or arithmetic) or learning about career options, is critical to independence. For students, its critical to go out into the world with a good plan, with good skills and a good chance to succeed. Education is a means to independence, self­-reliance, self­-worth.

This applies to people who are adults and are looking for a career change or who have been left out of the workforce for any number of reasons. Or for people who are trying to figure out what is next. That is why I DO this. I love Maine and want it to continue to be the “way life should be” for those who choose to live and work here, because there are opportunities and options. You just have to know about them.


DO is an online community of career exploration videos. We feature Maine employers in a company profile video and some of the jobs that are in high demand around the state.  One job may be featured at a business in a town far away from you, but don’t worry!  The jobs we pick can be found all around Maine and by many different employers!

Our videos:

  • Explain what the company does
  • Tell short inspirational employee stories that explain why employees like their jobs
  • Showcase the culture, benefits, and career opportunities available.
  • Link to important career information (both in the video or on the site) 
Please watch the video below that explains how to use Destination Occupation.  You will be asked to enter your name and email to receive credit for watching this and other career exploration videos.  You will also receive credit for exploring the linked resources and information and answering surveys that will be sent to you based on your activity.

After watching the video, please read about and look at the visual on how Destination Occupation works. Then continue down and read about and look at the career resources section at the bottom of the page.



This visual shows you why career exploration is so important to your success! You can easily explore employers and their job opportunities simply by watching videos featured on Destination Occupation. This is important to learn about options so you can find a career that fits your skills, interests and personality!  You can learn more about a company from exploring the links provided on employer pages. As you explore individual job profiles, you can learn about the education/training opportunities that will help you get the skills you would need to be successful in those jobs. The more information you have about your options and the more you understand what would be a good fit for you, the more successful you will be!

Career Resources

Career Resources contain important career exploration information. These resources are links that will help you dig deeper into the career exploration process. These links range from education & training programs, to career articles, to additional information that help you develop a better understanding of the world of work – its benefits and expectations.  Please check out a sample to the right.


Interested in a career as a Food EquipmentTechnician?  Explore the career resources below!

Check out the Programs at one of Maine’s 27 Career and Technical High Schools

Check out the HVAC Programs at Maine’s Community Colleges and Northeast Technical Institute

Wonder why retirement benefits matter?  Watch this short animated video to find out!

Fedcap: Breaking The Cycle Staff

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