Are you an educator in Maine? Are you looking for ways to teach your students about job opportunities throughout the state? Check out Destination Occupation’s video explaining how the website can be used to do just that!

Where do I start?

This visual helps explain how D.O. can be used to help your students learn more about employment options, gain skills, and make an informed decision.


Our background in education

Destination Occupation creator, Rachel Knight was a teacher in Maine for two decades and understands the needs of the educator community. Her background helped inform D.O.’s resources, which have age-appropriate activities and templates available for free! D.O. can help students learn more about professions in Maine, but can also inform educators of opportunities all over Maine.

If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!

The idea of Destination Occupation was born from the idea that many teachers spend countless hours arranging visits to local businesses, colleges, and other activities. The career videos are accessible for any educator or student and aim to increase awareness of career opportunities within the state of Maine!

The reality is, there are way more opportunities and options for students than can be covered from high school field trips. A library of videos for students to “visit” a variety of businesses and educational programs from their high school could be a deal changer in how students see their future in Maine.

With the unemployment rate at an all time low in Maine, there are opportunities galore, you just have to know about them!