Have you ever heard of Mainebiz? They’re an excellent news source for Mainers interested in learning more about the Maine economy, job market, and emerging businesses. Readers can subscribe for updates and are able to attend events hosted by Mainebiz.
They recently published an article exploring what millennials searching for jobs in Maine are really looking for.

What are they looking for in a career? What do they hope to receive in addition to a paycheck?

Maine boasts an extensive community college system, over 20 private colleges, and many, many public colleges and universities. Those institutions will all have students graduating in May that will be job-seeking! Additionally, college-aged students that grew up in Maine will be considering returning to our state for post-graduate employment! What do we have to offer them? What are they looking for?

Mainebiz interviewed students and employers, ultimately reporting that millennials are looking for:

  • Knowledge of the company’s performance or niche within the industry
  • An understanding of how they fit into the company’s structure and mission
  • Flexibility with scheduling (something all employees value)
  • Opportunity for career progression
  • Information about the company’s core values and potential for community engagement

Employers throughout the state of Maine have incredible stories and boast employees that understand their mission, executing it every day!

Destination Occupation can help explain the stories, values, and needs of those companies to millennials, but also other job seekers. Check out Hancock Lumber’s Vice President of Sawmill Sales, who graduated from the University of Maine at Orono and joined one of Maine’s large employers. He explains how he transitioned from UMO to a position with the potential for growth, eventually becoming vice president.