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Darling’s has been doing business in Maine since 1899, when V.S. Darling put his business background and mechanical ability to work, selling and repairing bicycles in Auburn. With the turn of the century the age of the automobile began and before long he opened The Darling Automobile Company. Through hard work, a focus on customer satisfaction and employee well-being, the Darling family is now in its fifth generation striving to meet the automotive needs of customers from around the state. Darling’s has grown from one automotive brand at one location to fourteen brands offered at six locations around the state, as well as The Darling’s Insurance Agency with offices in Brewer and Ellsworth.  Visit all our open positions on our career page here.

Darling’s Auto Company Profile

Learn about Darling’s long history as a car dealer in Maine and meet some of the staff who make Darling’s a great place to work!


In these career exploration videos you will learn about careers at one of Maine’s first automobile dealers who is still in business in several locations! You will hear from:

  • Eric, Team Service Manager who loves taking care of customers and technicians
  • Mario, Sales Specialist, who took his robust background in a variety of fields and blended them into one
  • Robert, Parts and Service, whose analytical nature makes this career a great fit
  • Jacob, Transmission Specialist, who has been trained to be an expert in his field
  • Brandy, Sales Assistant, who uses her organization and communication skills to coordinate customers with sales
  • Justin, Diagnostic Technician, who keeps the work flow moving by helping out wherever he can

Eric, Team Service Manager 

This is an excellent career for someone who prides themselves on building trust with customers and technicians, paying attention to detail and solving problems.

Education Required: High School Diploma

Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Hands-on

Mario, Sales Specialist

This career is a great fit for someone who isn’t afraid to start a conversation, will connect with people no matter their budget, and wants to take care of customers’ needs.

Education Required: High School Diploma

Learning Profile: Interpersonal

Robert, Parts and Service

Robert’s experience in the military makes this job a perfect fit for his analytical brain.

Education Required: High School Diploma

Learning Profile: Mathematical, Interpersonal, Visual/Spatial

Jacob, Transmission Specialist

Great career for hands-on problem solver types who like to stay busy.

Education Required: Two years post-secondary technical education

Learning Profile: Mathematical, Hands-on, Visual/Spatial

Brandy, Sales Assistant  

This position is perfect for someone who has strong communication and organizational skills.

Education Required: High School Diploma

Learning Profile:  Interpersonal

Justin, Diagnostic Technician  

This position is perfect for someone who has strong analytical and organizational skills.

Education Required: High school Automotive Technical Training

Learning Profile:  Hands on, Interpersonal

“What I like about management is they give you the training and resources to do the job. And then they can take a step back and let you be a professional and perform.”
~ Robert 

“There’s always a ladder to climb here.  There’s always more that you can do here.” ~ Brandy


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