Direct Hire Descriptions and Resumes
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Experienced Machinist with Manufacturing Technology Certificate!

Nick lives in Winthrop and has over 10 years’ experience as a machinist.  He also has experience working with HVAC under a licensed plumber. He is a hard worker looking for a company that will appreciate his talents and grow his skills. View Nick’s Resume

Manufacturing Technology Certificate!

Tabitha lives in Green and is highly motivated to start a career in manufacturing.  She recently completed our Manufacturing Technology class in which she received an almost perfect score!   She loves multi-tasking, and thrives in a busy environment.  If you are looking for someone who you feel confident will be a great employee, Tabitha is the one for you!  View Tabitha’s Resume 

Manufacturing Technology Certificate and Trades Background

Amanda comes from Lewiston and has a lot of experience in a variety of labor/trades jobs ranging from construction to scaffolding.  Amanda has a strong work ethic and a desire to work with a company who has a great work culture and values their employees.  View Amanda’s Resume

Manufacturing Technology Certificate and IT Background

Jacob lives in Augusta, has a keen interest in computers and IT and recently graduated from our Manufacturing Technology course.  He is looking for a career in manufacturing where he can build on his knowledge from the classroom and his passion of building computers and working with IT to help a company grow or be more efficient!  View Jacob’s Resume

Manufacturing Technology Certificate, Multi-Lingual

Kate lives in Portland, is super motivated to learn and work in a new career in manufacturing.  She is looking for a career with a company in the Portland area who may have a later start. If you are looking for someone who will be a team player, follow directions, and be a contributing member to your team, Kate would be a great addition!  View Kate’s Resume

Manufacturing Technology Certificate and Warehouse Experience

Alfredo lives in Gardner, has a solid background in warehouse, supervising and mentoring and is looking to start a new career in manufacturing.  He is a quick learner, likes to stay busy and wants to be a contributing member to a good company!  View Alfredo’s Resume

Manufacturing Technology Certificate, Multi-Lingual

Maria lives in Lewiston, has some experience in manufacturing, recently finished our Manufacturing Technology class and is eager to further her career in manufacturing.  She is looking join a company in the Lewiston/Auburn area. If you are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, a quick learner and a go-getter, Maria is your gal!  View Maria’s Resume

Zachary lives in Lewiston. He is a business pro with over 10 years experience in retail and healthcare. Zach also has extensive warehousing experience and most recently was a learning specialist for LL Bean. Zach is looking for part time work or full time with a flexible schedule due to other responsibilities. View Zachary’s resume.

CDL Driver!!!

Dan lives in Sabattus and has over 20 years’ experience as a CDL driver.  His experience includes working with dry boxes, reefers, box truck, and semi tractor-trailer combinations.  He has a current Class A license with hazmat, tank, doubles, and triples endorsements. View Dan’s Resume

Eliazar is a new Mainer who lives in Portland. He speaks English, Portuguese, and French. He has experience in supply management and monitoring with SAP experience. View Eliazar’s Resume.
Josh lives in Lewiston and has an extensive background in production, material handling, and warehousing. He has experience operating machines, using trucks, forklifts, and cranes. View Joshua’s Resume.
Arthur lives in Gorham. Arthur has 14 years of experience working in a warehouse. He is skilled in picking, sorting, and packing, and has trained others in his department. Arthur is deaf and will require an interpreter at the interview. View Arthur’s resume.
Mark is from Windham and is a Marine Corp Vet. Mark is suffering from PTSD, so needs a supportive workplace in order to succeed. Mark has extensive experience in operations, sales & sales management, and project management. Mark has great problem solving skills. View Mark’s resume.