How We Help Educators and Job Coaches

Destination Occupation’s Mission

Destination Occupation’s mission is to help educate students and job seekers about awesome careers that we have right here in Maine! We believe that education, whether it is learning your three R’s (reading, writing, or arithmetic) or learning about career options, is critical to independence. Did you know that every year, 38% of high school students in Maine graduate without a plan? That translates into 5,000 to 6,000 students each year! We want to make that number as close to zero as possible!

We want our students to go out into the world with a good plan, with good skills and a good chance to succeed. Education is a means to independence, self­-reliance, self­-worth. This applies to people who are adults and are looking for a career change, who have been left out of the workforce for any number of reasons, or are trying to figure out what is next.

We also do this because we love Maine and want it to continue to be the “way life should be” for those who choose to live and work here, because there are opportunities and options. You just have to know about them.

What is Destination Occupation?

DO is a growing online community of career exploration videos. We showcase Maine employers in a combination of videos including a company profile and individual job profiles. Most of the jobs featured are in high demand around the state.  Certain jobs may be featured at a business in a town far away from you, however they represent jobs can be found all around Maine and by many different employers! & agencies.

Our videos:

  • Explain what the employer/program does
  • Explain what knowledge, skills & behaviors are needed to be successful in Maine’s job market
  • Tell short inspirational stories that explain why employees like their jobs or students like their educational program
  • Showcase the culture, benefits, and career opportunities available

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How Destination Occupation Works

Why Career Exploration Matters

The goal is for you to help your students and clients know their options, make an informed choice, acquire a skill set and be successful! Ultimately they will find a career that fits their skills, interests and personality!  The O*NET Interest Profiler can help your students and clients find out what their interests are and find out how they related to the world of work.