Welcome to Destination Occupation! I am Rachel Knight and I created Destination Occupation to help educate students and job seekers about awesome careers that we have right here in Maine!

I believe that education, whether it is learning your three R’s (reading, writing or arithmetic) or learning about career options, is critical to a well educated workforce. We want our young people to go out into the world of work with a good plan, with good skills and a good chance to succeed.

This applies to people who are adults and are looking for a career change or who have been left out of the workforce for any number of reasons. Or for people who are trying to figure out what is next. Businesses can help educate both students and job seekers by being featured on Destination Occupation AND let them know about your careers. Your workforce awaits!

“At Hancock Lumber, we are always looking for innovative ways to reach out to our workforce. We believe in attracting motivated people to come work for us. When I learned about Destination Occupation and it’s new, creative way to educate people about jobs in Maine, I knew we should be involved. The video and our company page on the website exceeded our expectations. Any company interested in reaching out to their workforce in a new, creative way should check out Destination Occupation.”

—Kevin Hancock, President Hancock Lumber

Video Explanation On How D.O. Works


What is Destination Occupation?

D.O. is an online community of career exploration videos. We feature Maine employers in a company profile video and individual profile videos that feature jobs that are in high demand.


Destination Occupation can help bolster your company’s recruitment efforts!

  • Promotes your business as a positive place to work
  • Entices potential employees to consider coming to work for you
  • Educates job seekers about career paths that lead to your door


Destination Occupation produces a company video (approximately 3-6 minutes):

The video contains company message: culture, future growth, hiring trends

  • Explains what the company does
  • Tells short inspirational employee stories
  • Links to company home page and/or other company information

Your Company Profile

Lets people know:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • where you are
  • why your employees love working for you
  • the good you do!

Destination Occupation produces individual job profiles (approximately 3 minutes):

  • Features jobs that are in high demand, hard to fill, have high turnover, are difficult to describe “on paper,” or need exposure
  • Explains what a “day in the life” of the job is with a focus on key skills or tasks, requirements, training and education
  • Links to resources (educational & training sites, other pertinent information to help job seekers build a career path)

If you’re interested in being a featured business,
fill out the contact form below and I’ll get right back to you!