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At Evergreen Home Performance our goal is to help Maine people increase the comfort of their home and reduce their impact on the environment. We are dedicated to helping Maine address the climate crisis and evolving weatherization needs of our homes by providing the best home performance services throughout Coastal Maine.

Using expert energy audit diagnostics, we can provide you and your family with the insights you need about how your home is performing. From upgrading your insulationencapsulating your basement, or replacing your windows and doors, Evergreen Home Performance has the tools you need to live more comfortably and “energy wise” in your Maine home and save money on your utility bills.


Interested in joining our growing team of home performance professionals? We want to hear from you! Check out our company and career profiles below, then click on our current openings on this page! We’re always happy to accept your resume + cover letter and begin a conversation.

In these career exploration videos you will learn about “green” careers in the home improvement space and learn how Evergreen Home Performance helps its employees grow professionally! You will hear from:

  • Sam, a former military and current Technician II who hopes to become a Project Manager
  • Rick, who traded in his construction career to help increase the efficiency of people’s homes and also combat climate change 
  • Svea, who worked her way up to a Project Manager and now works as customer support in the office
  • Bryan, who has learned the home performance industry from scratch and is now in Sales
  • Aaron, who transitioned from owning his own building company to now installing high efficiency windows
  • Roland, who has learned everything he knows about making homes more efficient and is now a Project Manager
  • Nate, who started out as a Project Manager and moved into Sales


Evergreen Home Performance Company Profile

Video credit: Mike Boucher, Sonic Pictures 


Technician Career Profile

Learn about the different tasks and skills Technicians learn and do to help families and the environment!  

Education Required: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Learning Profile: Visual/spatial, Hands-on, Interpersonal


Project Manager Career Profile

Learn about the skills and job details a project manager is responsible for and why working at Evergreen is a great fit for Rick and Roland.

Education Required: High School Diploma or GED
Learning Profile: Visual/spatial, Hands-on, Interpersonal


Sales Career Profile

Learn about the skills a Sales person has and how Bryan and Nate worked their way into that position.

Education Required: High School Diploma or GED
Learning Profile: Visual/spatial, Hands-on, Interpersonal


“By providing these improvements, we are providing a better place for tomorrow.”

~ Aaron

“Management is very friendly and they listen to you.” ~ Roland

“Every few years there’s a new opportunity for me to take on.” ~ Bryan