Educating about careers in Maine

Hancock Lumber

In these career exploration videos, you will learn about important skills needed for customer service, sales, driving and distribution. You will also hear about the importance of mentoring, starting at “the bottom” (even if you have a degree), and finding that right fit career. You can visit the Hancock Lumber Employment Page to see what jobs they are hiring for by clicking here!


Company Profile

  • Family-owned building materials supplier & Eastern White Pine sawmill manufacturer
  • Location: 10 retail lumberyards, design showrooms + discount outlets, along with 3 sawmills across Maine & New Hampshire
  • Number of Employees: 435 employees full time; employees with medical insurance: 332.
  • Established in 1848, Hancock Lumber Company is a 6th generation, family-owned business operating a land company, a sawmill division and a network of retail lumberyards, including a 7,000 sq. ft. home design showroom, Home Again by Hancock Lumber in South Portland.

Hancock Lumber Success Stories

I get to go out on job sites, meet people and actually do something and stand back and say, “Hey I just did that, that’s pretty cool,” and other people can see it too.


Hear how Corey finds his niche as a driver at Hancock Lumber and why he loves it and his schedule.


Job Title: Boom Truck Operator/Customer Service
Education Required: High School Diploma and Commercial Driver’s License
Learning Profile: Visual/spatial, Hands-on

It is important to me to work some place that understands that family is a priority. If they are willing to bend, I am willing to bend.


Learn about Sarah’s story of finding a work environment that cares about what is important to her.


Job Title: Counter Pro/Customer Service
Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Interpersonal, Hands-on

I always prided myself on having a lot of options because having options is better than not.


Learn about Matt’s career path from college graduate to the promise of becoming vice-president, but you don’t just get there without piling some boards.
Job Title: Vice President Sales, Sawmill Division
Education Required: Bachelor’s of Science Wood Science & Technology Concentration with some marketing experience or training
Learning Profile: Naturalist, Hands-on, Interpersonal

Hancock even gave us discount on materials when we built our house.


Hear about how Kara helps customers and the skills that make being a Project-Pro a great fit for her.


Job Title: Project Pro
Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Math, Visual/Spatial, Interpersonal

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