Are you looking to hire veterans in Maine? Would resources be helpful?

Maine has several fantastic resources for employers, but also for veterans searching for jobs. Auta Main, with Maine’s Hire -A-Vet campaign explains that unemployment for veterans in Maine is less than 2%, one of the lowest in the entire country!

Main described how important employment was, not only for financial reasons, but also as “a social network, as a place to gain, share and hone your skills, a place where you feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.” Veterans can bring tremendous leadership experiences to civilian workplaces, yet employers may not know how to find them or how to discover their hidden assets.

These are a couple useful resources:

1. Maine Career Center has Veterans Representatives available to help employers and veterans looking for jobs. The Career Center also runs a campaign called Hire-A-Vet which has “connected more that 300 employers with over 700 veteran-hires” since 2015! The campaign works to expand the hiring of veterans in Maine, educate employers on military language and culture and give recruiting and hiring assistance. The US Department of Labor and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies have recognized them as a best practice!

2. Boots2Roots is another resource for employers and job seekers alike! The Maine nonprofit aims to help transitioning military members and employers connect. Working with volunteers and sponsors, military members are assisted with their integration into the Maine workforce!