In 2019 Mainebiz published an article about seven noteworthy businesses in Maine, which included ImmuCell, who works with Destination Occupation! Have you ever heard of Immucell? The animal health company is a great example of innovation happening in Maine, that you may not be aware of! Although Immucell has a team of approximately 52 individuals now, due to their product success they are in search of additional employees!

Where are they based and what is their goal?

ImmuCell is Portland-based and creates tools for the dairy industry. As Mainebiz explained, “…ImmuCell has raised outside capital and expanded its headquarters. It’s now poised for the next level of growth.” Currently, farmers from across the United States, including Colorado, California, Kansas, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Florida, use the products that they produce here in Maine!

Besides the projected growth, the company also has a clear purpose, both for farmers and for society as a whole. With the goal of reducing antibiotics in America’s food chain, ImmuCell designs products that further that goal while increasing the productive capabilities of dairy and beef producers. Click here for more information about how the company was founded and what products they produce!

Would you like to hear more and see what daily life as employee there would be like?

Destination Occupation’s website features an Immucell company profile video that allows you to…

  • Hear from the CEO about their products and their “David and Goliath” story
  • Learn about their “small but mighty” work culture that honors work/life balance
  • Understand how their employees believe in their work’s impact and their ability to improve the lives of farmers and dairy product consumers
  • Listen to the CEO describe the projected growth of the company!
    (From 52 to 75 employees!)

Watch this video that explains the role of a liquid process technician:

Curious about working with them?

Check out their website at to access their application, job descriptions, and employment application.

Contact information: 207-878-2770,