Jotul, North America

In these career exploration videos you will learn about important benefits employees earn when they work at Jotul.  You will also learn how motivation, and perseverance are keys to success. You will also get a sneak peek of wood stove manufacturing, product design and shipping and receiving responsibilities.


Company Profile

  • Manufactures: Wood and Gas Stoves, Inserts and Fireplaces
  • Location: Gorham, ME
  • Number of Employees: 70+ full-time employees with benefits
  • Donates to Goodwill Industries
  • Jotul has been around for over 160 years. A Norwegian company that manufactures its stoves in 2 locations only – Norway and Gorham, Maine.

If someone had told me that I was going to be a mechanical engineer 10 years ago I probably would’ve said, “What’s a mechanical engineer?”


Follow Alyssa’s path from a frustrated high school student whose skills as a welder led her on the path to become a mechanical engineer!


Job Title: Welder, Press Brake Operator
Education Required: High School Diploma (Fabrication experience helpful)
Learning Profile: Hands-on, visual

Wonder what Alyssa is doing now?  Check out this video!  Update On Alyssa 2017

I think showing up to work, playing nice, and having a good time, those skills, they might be ingrained in people’s personalities but I think they are very crucial to making you a successful anything.


Find out how Ames survives a downturn in the economy by finding a solid company who looks to re-train motivated people.


Job Title: Computer Aided Design, Engineering Manager
Education Required: Bachelor’s in Engineering
Learning Profile: Visual, spatial, design

I am not afraid to get my hands a little dirty, it washes off. Plus I have weekends and holidays to dress up and look pretty.


See how Kelly goes from having no idea what she wanted to do, to finding a career path that she never thought of!


Job Title: Fork Lift Operator, Shipping & Receiving
Education Required:
High School Diploma
Learning Profile:
Bodily/Kinesthetic, Interpersonal

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