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Project Flagging Inc. provides Maine & New Hampshire DOT Certified Traffic Control Services (Flaggers). Their team of five DOT-Certified Trainers conduct extensive training sessions throughout the region.

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Maine Staffing Group is a brand under which we operate six corporate divisions that provide diverse employment services throughout Maine and New Hampshire.  Each of these businesses that operate under the Group logo, provide different business services or operate within different industries such as medical or construction, or within differing niche markets, such as Traffic Control, Direct-Hire placement, or construction placement services.

If you are looking for Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, or “Direct Hired” positions, Maine Staffing Group can help!  Maine Staffing Group provides jobs in nearly every industry. They work with you to help you find new job opportunities that match your skills & characteristics. Visit Maine Staffing Group’s website here.

Janie, HR Compliance Manager

Janie explains how Maine Staffing Group helps job seekers find where they fit best into the workforce, whether it is temp work or temp-to-hire or work environments like office, construction or even agriculture! They cover many industries and skills levels.

Video credit: Mike Boucher, Sonic Pictures 

“It is really about finding the right environment and the right opportunity for the job seekers as much as it is filling the right position with the right person.” ~Janie

Lewis, Flagging Supervisor

Lewis explains his responsibilities as a supervisor and why loves working outside, meeting new people everyday, and the satisfaction he gets from great feedback on a job well done.

Required: High School Diploma Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Hands-on, Interpersonal

“At first, I didn’t want to be a supervisor because I like flagging so much, but once I tried being the supervisor, I really enjoyed it.” ~ Lewis

“Without flaggers there to safely guide traffic through, they are not going to let the work begin.” ~ Shannon

Shannon, Southern Regional Manager, Project Flagging

Shannon explains the training involved to become a flagger and why it is important that we have well trained flaggers to keep construction zones safe and traffic flowing smoothly.

Will, Lead Flagger

Will describes how he uses his communication and observation skills to train new flaggers and to keep the flow of traffic steady and safe.  

Education Required: High School Diploma Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Hands-on 

“You are going to meet all different kinds of people from all different walks of life. It is a very diverse group of people I work with everyday. I think it’s fantastic.” ~ Will