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Modula manufactures automated picking and storage solutions for factories and warehouses around the world. In 1987, Modula opened their Italian manufacturing plant and developed a series of vertical automatic storage systems with drawers for a wide range of industries. The success of this innovative solution has led to the international success of the company as well as a product line expansion. If you are curious, watch this short video to see what a Modula storage system looks like.

WHY work at Modula?

Worldwide, Modula employs 250 people in 4 plants—Italy (Salvaterra di Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia), Suzhou, China and the US Lewiston, Maine and Ohio. At Modula, we think that investing in people and their training means believing in the company’s future. For this reason we offer our employees the opportunity to grow professionally and best express their potential, in some cases creating new skills in line with the evolution of projects. The System Group is an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) employer, with more than 1800 employees worldwide. The personnel search and selection process is constantly committed to evaluating candidates who are highly motivated to grow with the company.

Modula’s Company Profile Video

Get a great overview of this innovative and growing company in this company profile video!  Hear from Brian, Logistics Manager and others as they explain what kinds of jobs Modula is looking to fill and what kind of person would make a good fit!

Video credit: Mike Boucher, Sonic Pictures 

“We have a huge amount of investment in technology, so for anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of robotics, machinery, and software that’s really pushing the industry, Modula is the place to do just that.” ~ Brian

In these career exploration videos you will learn about cool careers at an innovate manufacturing company that is not on most people’s radar! Below are snippets of who you will hear from and what you will learn about:

  • Brian, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, who introduces us to Modula and explains how they are growing, what they are looking for in employees and why working at Modula is a great fit for a variety of talent.
  • Nate, Factory Manger, has a background in aeronautical engineering and spent time in the military and uses those skills to help problem solve both mechanical and personal problems that may arise.
  • Dessirrea, who has a background in computers but learned how to be an electrical assembler with the support of her lead.
  • Melissa, project manager, who love problem solving and thinking outside the box.
  • Danny who started as a temp and is now a lead in the Kitting Department.
  • Variety of staff in a short, fun video that gives you a quick look at some office careers that will be available at Modula as they grow!

Nate, Factory Manager

Learn about Nate’s job as factory manager, how he is grateful that he is able to incorporate his education and previous military background into his work at Modula, and gets to stay in Maine close to his family.

Education Required: BA in Mechanical Engineering or similar, Experience in Manufacturing

Learning Profile: Hands-on, Visual/Spatial, Mathematical, Interpersonal, Linguistic

Dessirrea, Electrical Assembler

Find out how Dessirrea traded in her computer technician skills for electrical assembly and has found a career path and company that she loves and can grow in.

Education Required:  Experience in electrical helpful, On the Job Training provided for qualified candidates

Learning Profile: Linguistic, Visual/Spatial,  Mathematical

Danny, Lead, Kitting Department

Learn about Danny’s role as a lead in the kitting department, how he was given a leadership role and why he likes working at Modula!

Education Required: High School Diploma, Previous manufacturing experience helpful

Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Interpersonal

Melissa, Project Manager

Learn about Melissa’s job as a project manager and how each day is different and presents a new, interesting challenge that requires creative thinking to solve.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Engineering, Experience in Project Management


Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Mathematical, Interpersonal

“I’m very grateful to have found Modula. We have a great company that offers growth and opportunity and its right here in Maine.” ~ Nate

“I am constantly looking to better my opportunities, to better my knowledge, and I think this company has already offered that to me. I’m really excited to see what my future is here at Modula.”
~ Dessirrea

“I think it is important that the people you are working with have a sense of ownership in what they are doing, so they don’t think they are working for you, they are working with you.” ~ Danny

“This job is important to me in that the company is small enough to feel like I am making a difference. Yet it is large enough to have the resources that we need to get the job done.” ~ Melissa

 Mini Office Staff Video

Modula is looking for lots of talent to support our growing production facility.  Positions for experienced professionals in the following areas:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Customer Service
  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Field Technicians
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