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When you work at Paradigm, it’s more than just a job. Our custom vinyl windows and doors are made right here in New England, and you are essential to our mission to provide solutions for life. You’re not just an employee, you’re an integral part of our success. When you succeed, we all succeed.

Paradigm Windows Company Profile

We work hard to create a work environment based on safety, respect, commitment to customers, quality, teamwork, and growth. We reward innovative problem solving, hard work and excellence. And while you add value to ensure the best product is being manufactured, we’re committed to providing top pay for your contribution.

We provide bonuses, overtime opportunities and paths for continued growth and wage progression. In addition, we provide paid time off, paid holidays and a full offering of benefits.

Warren, Production Manager

Learn about Warren’s career trajectory at Paradigm Windows and why he loves what he does!

“I am really a hands-on kind of guy, I like to see with my hands.”
~ Warren

Behzad, Glass Line Supervisor

Learn about Behzad’s journey at Paradigm Windows as a “new Mainer” who learned a new career in manufacturing and how to speak English!

“This is a good place to learn and start your life over.”
~ Behzad

Amanda, Scheduling Supervisor

Learn about the the career path Amanda took at Paradigm and the variety of skills and responsibilities that Amanda has as a scheduling supervisor.

“This job pushed me to learn more, do more.” ~ Amanda