Part I featured Maine Manufacturers from Biddeford to Guilford that pivoted their production and resources in 2020’s COVID-19 context. Their actions collectively demonstrate Maine’s ability to innovate and collaborate! Part II highlights a few more Maine businesses that have stepped up, identifying needs in the community and organizing to meet them.

Hand sanitizer, face shields, swabs, and even COVID-19 tests were featured in last month’s Destination Occupation blog post. Maine companies truly have worked together to speed up and expand the production of those crucial healthcare-related goods.

This Portland Press Herald article explains the BIW partnership with Puritan Medical Group to double their nasal swab production capacity. The operation, however, requires a lot of space! That’s where Cianbro, another Maine company, comes in! Cianbro is converting a warehouse of theirs (pictured above) into a manufacturing facility to allow BIW and Puritan Medical Group the room they need for production. The combination of BIW’s machinery, Cianbro’s space, and Puritan’s unique nasal swab patent, is a fantastic example of Maine collaboration and innovation. On May 4th, a Bangor Daily News article described how Puritan was called by the government to “double its monthly production of a particular type of foam swab by early June. It’s now able to produce 20 million of those swabs per month now, but will make 40 million per month when the expansion is done.” What impressive cooperation and production capacity-building!

Are you curious about working for Cianbro, Puritan Medical Group, or BIW? Check out these resources! Cianbro’s company news page highlights some of their work and their career page lists their job opportunities. BIW, one of Maine’s largest employers, has a career exploration page that offers prospective employees a window into the company’s culture. Check out one of their employee testimonials or learn about their apprenticeship program!

Puritan Medical Group is hiring for positions in both their Pittsfield and Guildford locations, which prospective employees can learn about here. Their open positions include Quality Systems Manager, Production Planner, Machine Operators, Mechanics, and many others!

Although circumstances are changing everyday, Maine’s dedication to serving our neighbors and adapting when needed is consistent. Whether you need to pivot to a new career, are looking for open positions, or are just starting out, check out Destination Occupation’s resources to help guide your search!

Resources listed in this blog post include:

1. Destination Occupation’s Part I: Maine Manufacturer Efforts to Pivot and Contribute in 2020

2. Portland Press Herald article on the Puritan/BIW/Cianbro collaboration

3. Puritan Medical Group’s website and job openings
Job openings:

4. Bangor Daily News article on Puritan’s increased swab production

5. Cianbro’s company news page, career page, and information about their apprenticeship program

6. Destination Occupation’s website