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WHAT IS DESTINATION OCCUPATION?  Destination Occupation is a user-friendly career exploration website designed to educate students and educators (classroom, guidance) about real careers by featuring real people, doing real jobs, in the real world.  We do this by producing career exploration videos that highlight career opportunities here in Maine.  The videos convey important real world opportunities that exist and expectations that students must meet to be successful.   

HOW DOES THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BENEFIT EDUCATORS? The information educators get from the Destination Occupation Professional Development modules will familiarize them with the website, videos, lesson plan templates and career resources links. Successfully passing a short quiz after each lesson within each module is required to earn contact hours. Beyond earning Professional Development contact hours, our goal is that the information educators gain will ultimately help them be a better, more informed educator.

Educators will be given concrete examples of real careers and the skills and education/training available for a variety of career paths. Educators will be able to connect what they are doing to real-world applications and situations. Any educator can use Destination Occupation simply for professional development OR can integrate any video and lesson plan template into content lessons.

WHY USE DESTINATION OCCUPATION?  Our content and templates help bridge the gap for students who may not see the “real world” application of why they are learning what they are being taught. Destination Occupation is designed to be user-friendly, so any educator who facilitates any type of career exploration, provides transition opportunities or does post-secondary planning of any kind, can integrate Destination Occupation into any professional plans.

Please see different plans below for pricing.  For more information, email us at

Access Plan #1

Individual educators can personally purchase the modules.  Successfully completing the two introductory modules is worth 5 contact hours and costs $50.00.

Access Plan #2

Individual schools may purchase vouchers for $40.00 per educator. Reach out to us via our contact form below and we’d be happy to set you up with vouchers.

Access Plan #3

Districts may purchase vouchers for $30.00 per educator. Reach out to us via our contact form below and we’d be happy to set you up with vouchers.

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