Offered by: Kennebec Valley Community College

Tuesdays, March 19 – April 30, 2019

Fee: $190

Do you like meeting new people? Would you like to know more about how a bar operates? Then this course is for you. Participants in this non-credit course will learn the basics of professional bartending and mixology and its application in restaurants, clubs, and function facilities. Whether you are taking this course to find a full-time/part-time job, or you are taking it for your own personal enrichment, this course will be fun and enjoyable. This 7 week course will introduce you not only mixology, but appropriate glassware, the use of basic bartending tools, over 100 basic and fancy drink recipes, how to cut fruit and decorate cocktails, basic laws concerning customers, liability and regulations of the bartender and the property owner, ways to increase sales and tips, and so much more.