Professional Development Contact Hours:

You can earn contact hours by learning how to use Destination Occupation!  Below are three step by step “how to” modules.  Each one will take approximately 2 hours to finish, is worth 2 contact hours towards re-certification and costs $20. Once you have finished the module and made your payment, you will receive your certificate of completion. You may do as many modules as you wish.  Secure payments can be made here at the Destination Occupation Course Storm site. 


Module # 1 In this module you will get to know the Destination Occupation website. You will be asked to:

  • read through the homepage and explain briefly what Destination Occupation is
  • explore the Teachers, Guidance Counselors and Job Coaches page
  • explain how you might integrate Destination Occupation templates into your classes
  • explore the Students and Job Seekers page
  • explain how this resource can help students make better informed choices

Link to Module # 1 Get to know the site

Module #2 In this module, you will get a deeper understanding of how a Destination Occupation company page is set up.  You will

  • focus on Hancock Lumber’s career exploration videos
  • watch each individual video and reflect on whether you have students for whom the featured job would be a good fit – Skills, Interest and Personality template
  • explore the career resources that accompany the videos and document your thoughts regarding how this information can help you become a more informed teacher.

Link to Module # 2 Hancock Lumber and Skills, Interest & Personality

Module #3 In this section you will watch General Dynamic/Bath Iron Works videos, explore the career resources and document your thoughts regarding how this information can help you become a better informed teacher.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Describe a variety of careers that General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works provides.

Link to Module #3 General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works