Rachel’s Solo Video Ventures

On this page you can watch and explore career videos that have been produced, shot and edited by me, Rachel Knight, creator of Destination Occupation. I am a self-taught videographer, which means that my skills, like these solo venture videos, are a work in progress! It can be a little scary to put your work “out there” especially if it has some flaws, but ultimately I am more motivated to create content for you to have more career exploration videos to watch and hopefully see yourself in some of the people featured.

Explore My Latest Videos

Freeport Metrics

Career exploration video featuring Elizabeth, Project Manager at Freeport Metrics in Portland, Maine. Find out what her responsibilities are, how she gained the necessary skills to do this job and why this is a good fit for her.

Bang Cut and Color

Career exploration video of Bret, hair stylist and co-owner of Bang Cut and Color, describing the important skills and work habits that are needed to be successful in this industry. Find out why he likes being a hair stylist, what he looks for in a new employee and what he likes about living in Portland, Maine.


Dispatch Magazine

Career exploration video featuring Trevor, Marketing and Events Director of Dispatch Magazine. Trevor describes some of the responsibilities he has for this trendy magazine, what a “typical” day looks like, the fun things he does and why it is a great match for his personality.

Organize ME!

Career exploration video featuring Dawn Hall a professional organizer and entrepreneur. Dawna started Organize ME! of Maine and is located in Portland, Maine. Learn about what she does, why she does it and how she decided to become a professional organizer!