In today’s uncertain labor market, employers need to be creative when it comes to filling skilled or semi-skilled positions. Let DO help you!


Our Training Broker will meet with you and your team to get a full assessment of your needs. We’ll take that and compare it to the educational opportunities available in the local area. If we can’t find the classes that already exist, we will work with the educational organizations to come up with a custom training just for your company.

Depending on the path you choose, we can partner with a local staffing agency, NGO, Career Center, or other source to start recruiting. We will work closely with the state to get federal and state dollars to pay for the training.

We will be interacting with the recruits throughout the process to keep them engaged and to let them know that you are making an investment in their future. This leads to long term, loyal employees with low turnover.

Once the recruits graduate from their training, we will be there to help screen and interview and send you the best fits for your organization. After hiring, we will also work with you to get On the Job Training dollars back from the state to help pay for the initial employment period until the new employees are up to speed. You can recover up to 50% of wages for the first three months!

Prices for this service vary based on the number of positions to fill and curriculum development needs. A basic program can be completed in three months.