Job seekers, especially recent graduates, can be overwhelmed by the job search and by the number of opportunities and employers that exist. Figuring out which employer would be a good fit, which company’s atmosphere will allow them to succeed, and where the best opportunities are can be difficult.

Destination Occupation (D.O.) recognizes that issue and aims to help solve it! Maine job seeker Jean Pierre describes learning about the size and function of one of Destination Occupation’s featured employers, Modula, by watching their videos. The videos provided him with a personal look into the daily routine of the employees, the mission of the company, the management’s values, and the opportunities for growth within the business.

Through watching D.O.’s video, the employer transformed from an ambiguous company to an informative, engaging group of people that communicated information essential to the job seeker.

In other words:

  1. The needs of the business were communicated in an accessible way.
  2. The potential employee was able to see what daily life as a Modula employee would be like.
  3. Modula’s function, values, niche, and mission were all described by their current employees.
  4. The video viewer, or job seeker, was then able to imagine himself working there!

What a win for the employer!

Every employer has a unique culture, view on professional development and promotion, and set of company values. D.O. highlights each of those aspects to help employers find employees, but also job seekers find meaningful jobs!