Strategic Recruitment Premium Services and Pricing

The Problem:
Maine has a significant workforce shortage now and for the foreseeable future. Baby boomers are retiring at a faster rate than we have younger working aged people entering the workforce. This impacts employers ability to find and retain talent, keep up with demand and stay competitive. If you are in an industry that has little exposure to the general public, you must ask yourself, do people even know we exist? 

Develop a strong employer brand.

Your brand gives you a competitive edge by promoting your company culture, promoting what makes you a desirable place to work and ultimately attracting the right people who are a good fit for your company. We can help with that!

Rely on the people you have to attract the people you want.

Your employees are your best referral system.  Developing a strong referral program and helping your employees promote your workplace is a necessary strategy. We can help with that!

Develop a strategic marketing and recruitment plan.

As you do to sell your product or service, you need a good marketing strategy for your recruitment. We can help with that!


Create Recruitment Video and Social Media Campaign:
This starter package will get your recruitment campaign going very quickly and focus that campaign on specific jobs needed immediately.


This option includes a company culture video perfect for your website’s career page. This video enables viewers to get a real clear vision of your work culture, what do you do, why people like working for you. Package also includes 1 short recruitment video and 1 month social media recruitment campaign.

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DO creates a Virtual Tour Video that allows viewers to get a sense of what the company does, different career paths, and the skills needed to be successful within those careers. Package includes 1 recruitment video and 1 month social media recruitment campaign.

*Costs are subject to change based on complexity of project and travel.


Existing employees are often considered the best referral sources for new employees, and they hold considerable information that will help shape recruiting strategies. Destination Occupation recommends interviewing 4 to 6 current employees who best represent the ideal employees. This will help us further define any marketing strategies that your company may consider. Interviews will be conducted on location or via video conference and utilize a survey questionnaire custom designed for your company. This work, including the resulting opinion leader research report, will be conducted and presented to you and results will be utilized for the recruiting strategies to follow. Price does not include travel.