SIGCO, LLC is a successful glass and metal fabricator located in Westbrook, Maine.

SIGCO has grown and changed over the decades, expanding into new products and territories, but our commitment to service and craftsmanship remain unchanged.

We are always looking for hard working, reliable & safety conscious candidates who would like to join our team. We are willing to train you if you are willing to learn. Most positions require the ability to read a tape measure.  We offer a competitive wage and benefit package that includes health, vision, dental and prescription insurance, and a company 401(k) with an excellent company match. We provide all required PPE, offer a great referral bonus program as well as tuition reimbursement. Starting wages range from $14.50 – $17.00 with annual performance reviews.

In these career exploration videos you will learn about careers at one of our country’s largest glass manufacturers that exists right here in Maine!  You will hear from:

  • Cindy who will explain what SIGCO does, the kind of employees they are looking for, and the great benefits they offer
  • Dustin who loves his job, keeps the place running smoothly as a Production Facilitator and “jack of all trades”
  • Chris who tempers the glass, tests for safety and is proud of his accomplishments at SIGCO
  • Chris who polishes glass smooth and feels important to be a part of SIGCO
  • Christian and Rob who cut, hustle, work as a team and think SIGCO is awesome


SIGCO Company Profile

Learn about SIGCO’s company culture, benefits, and employment opportunities.

Video credit: Mike Boucher, Sonic Pictures 



“I’ve been in human resources for about twenty-five years and the thing that I like best about what I do is the people. The people here are like my family. I truly feel that whatever they’re doing is important to me, their lives are important to me, and their lives are important to SIGCO.” ~ Cindy

If you are an educator or a job coach and would like to set up a tour to learn more about careers at SIGCO, let us know below!

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Christian, Cutting Lead

Christian has found great satisfaction working at SIGCO, and discovered that the organizational skills he has acquired at SIGCO is helping him get organized in his personal life as well.  

Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile:  Visual/Spatial, Hands-on

“It’s very important for you to do your job right the first time, make sure everything’s in its proper place so you’re setting up the next person in line for success.” ~ Christian

Rob, Cutter

Rob really likes the training that SIGCO offers and the peace of mind that having health and dental insurance offers.  

Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Visual/Spatial, Hands-on

“I love the guys I work with, I’m really good friends with most of them and it’s just a great atmosphere here and very positive.” ~ Rob

Chris, Tempering Lead

Chris explains what he does as a Tempering Lead, why he likes his job, and how this fast paced job is a good fit for him.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Mathematical, Hands-on, Visual/Spatial

“This job is a great fit for an ambitious person, willing to learn, willing to grow.”
~ Chris B.

Chris, Polisher

Chris had worked in the service side of the glass industry before coming to SIGCO and he really likes the hands on aspect of his job here.  Learn about the steps Chris takes to make the glass clean, clear and ready for shipping!

Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile:
 Hands on, Visual/Spatial

“They do monthly bonuses, end-of-the-year bonuses, Christmas bonuses—you can tell they really care.”
~ Chris A.

Dustin, Production Facilitator

Dustin has an artistic passion for polishing gems and creating jewelry and has found that working with glass at SIGCO feeds that passion.  He has worked his way up from cutting to production facilitator.  His outgoing  personality and desire to problem solve makes this job a great fit for him.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Mathematical, Interpersonal, Visual/Spatial

“I started this as a summer job, kind of in transition, then over the course of the summer I just kind of fell in love with it.” ~ Dustin