How We Help Students and Job Seekers

What is Destination Occupation?

D.O. is an online community of career exploration videos. We feature Maine employers in a company profile and individual job profiles. Most of the jobs featured are in high demand around the state.  One job may be featured at a business in a town far away from you, but don’t worry!  The jobs we pick can be found all around Maine and by many different employers!

Our videos

  • Explain what the company does
  • Explain what knowledge, skills & behaviors are needed to be successful in Maine’s job market
  • Tell short inspirational employee stories that explain why employees like their jobs
  • Showcase the culture, benefits, and career opportunities available

You can learn how to use Destination Occupation in two simple steps: watch the VIDEO EXPLANATION, then check out the WHY Exploration Matters

Video Explanation of How D.O. Works

“It helps to see someone doing something they like and enjoy. I have different interests but I do like working hands on. Learning this story shows me I can do what I want.”

~Student Testimonial

Why Career Exploration Matters

When you explore a variety of career videos and learn about the pathways to them, you get a broad sense of what is “out there” and over time, you can determine which career path makes sense for you. The goal is for you to find a career that fits your skills, interests and personality! The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and find out how they related to the world of work.