How We Help Students and Job Seekers

What is Destination Occupation?

D.O. is an online community of career exploration videos. We feature Maine employers in a company profile and individual job profiles. Most of the jobs featured are in high demand around the state.  One job may be featured at a business in a town far away from you, but don’t worry!  The jobs we pick can be found all around Maine and by many different employers!

Our videos

  • Explain what the company does
  • Explain what knowledge, skills & behaviors are needed to be successful in Maine’s job market
  • Tell short inspirational employee stories that explain why employees like their jobs
  • Showcase the culture, benefits, and career opportunities available
  • Link to important career information

You can learn how to use Destination Occupation in three simple steps: watch the VIDEO EXPLANATION, then check out the WHY Exploration Matters and the D.O. RESOURCES sections below.

Video Explanation of How D.O. Works

“It helps to see someone doing something they like and enjoy. I have different interests but I do like working hands on. Learning this story shows me I can do what I want.”

~Student Testimonial

Why Career Exploration Matters

When you explore a variety of career videos and learn about the pathways to them, you get a broad sense of what is “out there” and over time, you can determine which career path makes sense for you. The goal is for you to find a career that fits your skills, interests and personality! The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and find out how they related to the world of work.

Career Resources

Career resources have important career exploration information. These resources are links that will help you dig deeper into the career exploration process. These links range from education & training programs to career articles to additional information that helps you develop a better understanding of the world of work—its benefits and expectations. See the example for becoming a food equipment technician.

Interested in a career as a Food Equipment Technician? Explore the career resources below: