Sure Winner Foods

Our story began in 1979 when a young determined entrepreneur, Mark Irving, current Chairman of the Board, set out to deliver ice cream products throughout the furthermost corner of Northern Maine. With a vision, a couple of trucks, and a small facility he embarked on his journey. A little more than a decade later and the state of Maine now under his belt, by happenstance, he met Keith Benoit, current CEO, who shared his passion in the distribution business.

If you’re interested in working for a company with a no-frills approach and a deep value for its employees, then Sure Winner Foods may be exactly what you’re looking for. To see what positions are currently available, visit our career page on our website by clicking here!

In these career exploration videos you will learn about careers at Sure Winner Foods, one of the northeast’s largest direct store delivery provider located Saco in Maine! You will hear from:

  • John and Adam, who both really enjoy the independent nature of their careers working in Distribution, making sure the product gets delivered in a timely way and with a smile!
  • Jen and Ed, Field Sales, who both appreciate the support they get that help them be successful merchandising the product to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • John and Sam, who both love working in the fast paced Warehouse because it offers great pay, camaraderie and opportunity for growth!


Sure Winner Foods Company Profile

Watch this introduction to Sure Winner Foods! You will hear from several employees about what SWF does, what is it like to work there and why they like their jobs.

Video credit: Mike Boucher, Sonic Pictures 

I feel that the management and culture at Sure Winner Foods is dedicated to everyone’s success.~ Jen

Interested in working at Sure Winner Foods?

John and Adam, Distribution

John and Adam explain what their jobs are like, why they like the freedom they have and why Sure Winner Foods is a great company in which to grow your career.

Job Title: Distribution 
Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Interpersonal, Visual/Spatial

“The pay is outstanding. The vacation time is great and the schedule that it allows for your family is just wonderful.” ~ John

“This is a good fit for somebody who is self-motivated, who doesn’t mind working hard, and who is physically fit.” ~ Adam

Jen and Ed, Field Sales Representatives

Learn about careers in Field Sales, the independence it offers and the support Sure Winner Foods gives its employees to guarantee they are successful in their jobs!

Job Title: Field Sales Representatives
Education Required: High School Diploma
Learning Profile:  Visual/Spatial, Hands-on, Interpersonal

“The company is not afraid to try things. They invest in the business for us to grow as an individual, to help us succeed out in the field or whatever particular job that we have.” ~ Ed

Interested in working at Sure Winner Foods?

John and Sam, Warehouse 

Learn about what it takes to be successful and get paid well in the warehouse at Sure Winner Foods!

Job Title: Warehouse
Education Required:High School Diploma
Learning Profile: Bodily/Kinesthetic, Visual Spatial, Mathematical

“What I really love about Sure Winner is if you pick really fast and accurate, you make a lot more money.” ~ Sam

“Sure Winner is a very good company to work for. You can grow and expand with them. They have a lot of opportunities.”
~ John