Do you know which jobs are projected to grow the most in Maine in the next decade? Which jobs are projected to grow the least?

Would you expect Medical Assistants to experience growth? What about Cashiers?

The Department of Labor published statistics about jobs that were expected to grow the most and the least in the next decade. The Portland Press Herald compiled many of those statistics into an infographic.
Job projection infographic

As you can see, healthcare professions make up half of the jobs predicted to grow in Maine through 2026. As Maine’s population ages and current healthcare providers retire, young professionals will be essential!

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The University of Southern Maine published a helpful resource displaying job opportunities and statistics for nurse employment in Maine. The fact sheet helps explain how Registered Nurses landed at the top of the projected growth list. Unemployment or non-employment is extremely low for Maine’s nursing workforce and the current shortage of Registered Nurses will rise to over 3,000 in 2025 (“Maine’s Nursing Workforce”). What growth and opportunity!

Although Registered Nurses have the most projected job growth in Maine through 2026, other fields are growing, too! Destination Occupation can help you explore those fields through the lens of many of Maine’s largest companies.

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