Maine has so many wonderful resources for both established and new Mainers! Here at Destination Occupation we love to work with other organizations that have a similar vision for our state’s future!

MaineSpark is a ten year commitment made in 2016 by many of Maine’s influential education and business leaders. The coalition includes schools, universities, nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and businesses that share a common goal. Signatories include Bangor Savings Bank, Poland Regional High School, Thomas College, Maine Department of Labor, and many others. Together they aim to help increase the percentage of Maine’s population with a credential of value to 60% by 2025.

They all have pledged to collaborate in an effort to increase the productivity and effectiveness of Maine’s workforce. As their website explains, they “connect people with the education, training, jobs, programs, and resources needed to thrive in Maine’s robust and changing economy.” The coalition understands that increased education and attaining additional workforce credentials can allow for success.

Are you curious about how they could potentially help you? MaineSpark has several focuses, but one of them, “Adult Promise”, is designed to specifically help adult learners looking for credentials or a new career. They “offer information, support and resources for those looking to start or finish a degree or certificate, change careers or learn a new trade or skill.” This fact sheet explains the Adult Promise program’s mission and approach using visuals and statistics.

Steps for accessing their resources:

  1. Check out their welcome kit to begin exploring their resources.
  2. Explore the data from the Lumina Foundation that explains MaineSpark’s goal.
  3. Email with any follow up questions.

Are you looking for more resources to inform your pursuit of new credentials or a different career? The Destination Occupation website also features a list of education and training opportunities in Maine. Take a look!